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About Midwestern Chapter – ISA


About the Chapter

The Midwestern Chapter was founded in 1946 as the fourth chapter of the largest and most influential arboricultural organization in the world.  MW-ISA consists of nearly 850 professionals dedicated to practicing professional arboriculture and urban forestry in 6 states including Missouri, Nebraska, Kansas, South Dakota, North Dakota and Oklahoma.

ISA encompasses 37 Chapters with members from over 50 countries totaling nearly 22,000 arborists, urban foresters, nursery professionals, and others interested in advancing quality tree care and promoting professionalism in arboriculture.  ISA also includes 16 Associate Organizations in locations that do not have chapters as well as four Professional Affiliates that supplement ISA memberships with resources and networks geared specifically toward an area of practice.  Additionally, over 38,000 individuals have achieved an ISA Certification or Qualification credential.


Mission Statement


The mission of the Midwestern Chapter is to advance the fields of arboriculture and urban forestry by facilitating the professional development of our membership.  As a non-profit Arboriculture and Urban Forestry organization we are dedicated to serving our members, championing trees and promoting professional tree care. We strive to enhance the professional development of our membership through a variety of projects and programs encompassing the art, science, technology and ethics of professional tree care. 




 altTo provide a variety of professional networking opportunities.
 altTo sponsor an array of education and training activities, projects and programs.
 altTo foster learning and facilitate the acquisition of professional resources.
 altTo advocate professionalism and support a professional code of ethics.
 altTo develop member skills contributory to career growth and enhancement.
 altTo champion the art, science, technology and ethics of professional tree care.
 altTo promote the features, benefits and advantages of trees.



Membership Benefits

 altProfessional networking opportunities
 altEducation, training and skills development activities
 altCutting edge arboricultural resources
 altCurrent issues and trends throughout the tree care industry
 altEmployment opportunities and career growth
 altMember Discounts 



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